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Windows 10 business upgrade cycle gives PC industry rare shipment growth

Propelled by a strong enterprise upgrade cycle, PC shipments posted their first year-over-year quarterly growth in six years, according to Gartner data.

Now PC shipments weren’t posting crushing growth, but the industry will take what it can get. Second quarter units were 62.1 million, up 1.4 percent from a year ago. The PC industry hasn’t posted growth year over year since 2012.

Business technology buyers have been upgrading to Windows 10 and that has been driving sales. Lenovo, courtesy of a joint venture with Fujitsu, and HP are tied for the No. 1 spot. Gartner noted that the consumer space remains difficult for the PC industry as smartphones take over more daily tasks.

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The wild card is what happens when the Windows 10 cycle peaks in about two years. All off the leading PC vendors posted shipment gains in the quarter.

Here’s a look at the standings.


Source: Gartner

It’s worth noting that Gartner’s stats include desktops, laptops and ultramobile devices like the Microsoft Surface. Chomebooks and iPads aren’t counted.

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