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WATCH: Video shows moment George Clooney's scooter ran into car in Italy

Transcript for Video shows moment George Clooney’s scooter ran into car in Italy

the surveile of the crash evolving George Clooney. What the driver of the cars W acknowledging. Here’s’ havegrim. Reporter: This surveillance video obtained by correire T capturing the terrifying moment actor George cey collides head-on withtation wagon in Italy. It shows actor thrown the front of his scooter into the air and into the car’s windshield beflanding on the road. Clooney and he was not respecting the actright of way. Reporter: The Dr of the carteling an Italian newspa “I had the sun in my eyes, I doesn’t see anything. I just heard a thud.” George had to spe aew hours in the hospital. Definitely had some ses and bruises, but he also sued some trauma to his pelvis. Reporter: His ,Amal, racing to his side. The57-year-old Oscar winner is in sardinia shooting the hulu miniies “Catch 22” and was on his to the set at the tif the accident. Police tell us Clooney was respecting the 60-mile-an-hour speemit. And David, Clooney was also wearin helmet. Now, hes at H ring tonight. Anl fine. Reportedly tel a friend, it’s good to be alive. David? What the

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