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WATCH: Kelly Preston talks playing Victoria Gotti, husband John Travolta visiting Brooklyn

Transcript for Kelly Preston talks playing Victoria Gotti, husband John Travolta visiting Brooklyn

You know, the headlines portrayed John and Victoria gotti as the first couple of organized crime, but in the new movie, “Gotti,” Kelly presten and her husband, John travolta show how they handled family matters, even when dad ran into trouble at work. Take a look. Every day is Halloween in this place. What are you going to be? The man down the block is going to let me wear his policeman hat. I’m going to be a Kopp. What are you doing to my son? You’re not home. No kid of mine is going to be a cop for Halloween. Not going to happen. He is a kid. Today he wants to be a cop. Tomorrow, an astronaut. Talk to that cop or any cop, I’ll kill you. Relax. Please welcome Kelly Preston. ?????? Oh, my goodness. Hello, girls. Hi, doll. How much fun was it to play someone like Victoria? Come on. Oh, my gosh. One of my favorite roles ever, ever. And she is amazing. She was so warm and smart and funny as hell. Just incredible. And open. I could ask her anything I wanted. Right. She gave me her wedding ring to wear, and she let me wear a ring she hadn’t taken off since John passed away. Speaking of Johns, one of my favorite people on the planet for a lot of different reasons, but Tuesday was named John travolta day in Brooklyn. 10,000 or more fans. It was amazing. There were over 10,000 fans, and they were going nuts. Look at how cute he is he was so cute. He wore the white suit, and he did the pose. I mean, yeah. They freaked out. So good. Well, you guys have been married 27 years, and you put a photo on social media. There you go. When you first got together. When you look at that photo 27 years ago, what do you think? We’re babies. Yeah. That was so long ago. It was another lifetime ago, and we have been, you know, we have kids now. We have been through a lot. We have had so many fun times. So yeah. But that was a long time ago. I see Danny zuko. Yeah, well, I married Danny. You guys have been promoting the movie for a few months now, and at a lot of the events we’re seeing you guys dancing. Do you guys dance a lot at home? We dance all the time. We dance at home. We go out dancing. We — It’s hard not to always dance. I know. 27 years with him. He is a phenomenal dancer. Isn’t he? I just love the way — especially like “Saturday night fever.” Fantastic dancing. Yeah. Phenomenal. And I mentioned — we mentioned your movie where you play Victoria. The interesting thing is that John gotti Jr., the kid who is alive now, he participated in this, and he wanted you to be his parents. They originally asked John to be in it, and he was, like, oh, my goodness. Felt very honored, and John junior was on the set every single day. Which was challenging, you know, but amazing. Amazing to have him and his input, and the whole family embraced us. Do you think that he may have wanted him to look good, you know, he was a gangster. Well, he wanted — he adores his father, and he had written a wonderful book, as did Victoria, the daughter, which was great for research. It was amazing between that and footage, online and meeting her, and obviously everything, the input that we got. But he did want — the whole family wanted their family portrayed in the right way. And just honestly. That’s all. Because they are very human, you know? He did — he was who he was. There is no sugar coating it in this movie, but it’s a beautiful family. And it was portrayed so honestly. I saw the film last night, but what struck me I guess is the federal prosecutor in me, I was thinking, this was a crime kingpin, and Victoria was married to him. Do you think she knew when he left the house what he was doing? I always wonder that about the wives of the crime syndicate folks. Hello. Okay. She revealed a lot to me. We would e-mail back and forth. I still e-mail with her. She said, he was ans main father. They had a passionate relationship as husband and wife, but when he went out that door, it was never spoken about. Never. Where did she think the money was coming from? You just take it from there. If she says, he went out that door, and we never spoke about it, it was never brought up. When he came in, he was husband and father, you know, I think she was aware. Think about it. If she doesn’t know, she can’t be prosecuted. Well, of course. That’s why you don’t tell. Not that I know anything about this. I know nothing about this, but — but, you know, you don’t share that kind of information because it’s dangerous to the family unit because if the mother goes, who are the kids going to be with? She didn’t know either. Come on. It’s a situation where you just stop asking questions. Don’t ask, don’t tell. You just screened the movie with John and Victoria’s children, and they said it was like looking at their parents up on screen. That was one of the biggest compliments I think as an actor, you know, we were both overwhelmed by their reaction. It was — that was amazing. Yeah. That was amazing. Can I ask a karaoke question? Singing the “Grease” duet? We don’t karaoke. I do it with the girls. We sing, but never actual duets. Never? ??? I have got chills, they’re multiplying ??? No. She is singing. Stop this. You know, you can’t afford it. You can’t afford it. You can’t afford this. Sorry. Sorry. Did you guys fly? The plane says what? Gotti. Kelly Preston, “Gotti” is in theaters tomorrow. Thank you for coming. We’ll be right back.

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