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WATCH: Amy Schumer hospitalized with hyperemesis during second trimester of pregnancy

Transcript for Amy Schumer hospitalized with hyperemesis during second trimester of pregnancy

Our cover story, comedian and actress Amy Schumer hospitalized facing pregnancy complications, the same that duchess Kate faced while she was expecting and Dr. Jen Ashton is here with that. So tell us more. First of all, we have to clarify and I really want to drive this point home, hyperemesis gravidarum or hg, people say it’s severe morning sickness, not really. It’s severe morning sickness like a blizzard is just a few flurries. This is a very, very serious complication in pregnancy. It basically makes the woman unable to tolerate anything by mouth. No food, no liquid, everything comes up. Obviously that can result in weight loss, electrolyte abnormalities, in some cases organ failure, kidney and liver failure and other complications that are then related to the way we treat this woman. So do not think of this like, ah, a little queasy. This is a big deal. What causes it? We don’t know. That’s the thing. Sometimes we see it with multiples like twins or just in the first pregnancy. Women can have it in every single pregnancy. There are a lot of myths and misconceptions out there. A lot of people say, oh, when you’re out of the first trimester it will go away. That’s not true. Amy was in her second. That’s right and women can have this for their entire pregnancy so there’s a lot of questions, we don’t know a lot of the answers but we know this is really, really serious. Do we know what the best treatment is. We try to do our best. The first line is we try to manage these women at home with oral medications to reduce nausea and vomiting. If that fails and often it does that woman needs to be hospitalized and needs IV hydration, in some cases assisted feeding to give her the nourishment and nutrition she and a growing fetus need and could be with an oral feeding tube, a permanent feeding tube something called a pic line. We know what it does but also emotionally and psychologically. I’m so glad you asked. It takes a toll on the woman. It can cause trauma that stays with her for a long time and affects the whole circle. It’s difficult for the partner, the baby’s father or spouse or partner to see a woman going through this and feel helpless. It’s a big deal. All right, well, thank you, Jen.

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