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The savage beauty of Hillary’s tweet on Comey’s email use

Justice Department inspector general Michael Horowitz released an investigation into the FBI’s investigation, the results of which strongly criticize former FBI director James Comey for insubordination and for poor judgement in his decision to reopen the investigation of Hillary Clinton’s use of a personal email server just 11 days before the fateful 2016 presidential election. Many think–and for good reason–that Comey’s action breathed last-minute new life into Donald Trump’s unlikely bid for the presidency.

As more information about the IG’s investigation comes out, we learn that Comey himself was found to have used a private email account to conduct official government business. (Remember, Comey played a starring role in the FBI’s war to require tech companies to build “back doors” for law enforcement access to encrypted data on their devices. Apparently, he doesn’t value security and privacy, even in his own official business.)

Late on Thursday, Hillary Clinton chimed in with a tweet that was rich with its own irony. Responding to news of Comey’s private email account, she tweeted, simply, “But my emails.” She was referencing the “But her emails” meme, which apparently emerged soon after Donald Trump won the 2016 election shortly after Comey re-opened the investigation into Clinton’s email server. The meme has persisted as an oft-tweeted sarcastic reaction to Trump administration scandals, mishaps, and embarassments which wouldn’t have occurred if Clinton had won the election.

The IG report’s criticism of Comey’s late October 2016 re-opening of the Clinton email investigation, and its findings of Comey’s own private email use, certainly qualify as “damning revelations” against the legitimacy of the 2016 election. And, yes, I can almost hear the tapping of Breitbart readers’ fingers typing out “But her emails!” in the comments sections. Well, Hillary beat them to the punch, in what may be one of deadliest trolls we’ve seen in 21st century politics.
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