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The Predator: Everything We Know About The Latest Film In The Franchise

The Predator franchise of movies is known for its violence that has been popular since the 1980s. It started with the initial 1987 film, Predator, and then spawned multiple sequels, a video game, a novel, and two crossovers with the Alien franchise. Even though there have been several sequels and spinoffs, there’s always room for more because the predators can always come back, and that’s exactly what happens in The Predator, the latest film in this universe.

What It’s About

After Quinn Mckenna encounters a predator in Mexico, he is questioned by the government before an unfortunate accident occurs. The predators are called to earth and land in a suburban town where the only barrier between them and the human race is a group of ex-soldiers and a science teacher. The predators have gotten some updates since we last saw them and have now grown bigger, more powerful, and harder to kill. There should be a lot of action and suspense in this next phase of The Predator, the latest movie in the franchise.

Who’s Who


  • Shane Black is directing the film. He also directed Lethal Weapon, The Nice Guys and Iron Man 3.
  • Fred Dekker is credited with writing the screenplay along with John Thomas and Jim Thomas who are the original creators of the story.


  • Boyd Holbrook (Narcos) stars as soldier turned ranger/ sniper, Quinn Mckenna.
  • Olivia Munn (X-Men: Apocalypse) plays Casey Bracket, the science teacher.
  • Jacob Tremblay plays Rory Mckenna, Quinn’s young son who accidentally calls the predators to earth.
  • Yvonne Strahovski (Handmaid’s Tale) plays Emma Mckenna, Quinn’s wife and Rory’s mother.
  • Keegan Michael Key, Thomas Jane, Trevante Rhodes, Sterling K. Brown, and Alfie Allen all also star as the group of former soldiers fighting the predators.

What Has Been Released So Far

Initially, there was only a poster released for the movie but now, two full length trailers have come out. The first offers a glimpse into the plot while the second goes a little more in-depth. The elements audiences expect from a Predator movie are there, like intense action scenes and a lot of violent deaths, but these predators have been upgraded to be even more dangerous. There is also a hint of director Shane Black’s characteristic mix of comedy and violence.

Interestingly, the film reportedly underwent heavy reshoots recently which were said to rework the entire third act. The movie is technically a sequel and audiences were wondering how it fits in to the rest of the franchise, so part of the reworking is believed to be about getting in some references to the other Predator movies in there.

What We Want At Comic-Con

Luckily for us, The Predator is going to have a pretty strong presence at Comic-Con, including a panel with the director along with most of the cast–except Holbrook, Allen, and Tremblay.

There aren’t too many mysteries around this film, but we would love to know more about the predator upgrades and what they entail. Considering how difficult it was to get of the regular predators, upgraded predators have got to be next to impossible to fight off.

We’re pretty sure we’ll get some new information at San Diego Comic-Con, after which we’ll only have to wait until September 14 to see the film.

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