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Metal Gear Movie Director Celebrating Series' Anniversary With Art

The long-anticipated Metal Gear Solid movie is still coming along slowly, but the director is signaling that the project is very much on his mind with a celebration of the series’ 31st anniversary. He sent out a note marking the date, and promised he’ll be dropping 31 days of fan art with “some surprises along the way.”

In a tweet, director Jordan Vogt-Roberts provided a playful CODEC scene with Roy Campbell explaining that Snake has been sent to retrieve new information about the Metal Gear Solid movie. In the meantime, he’s giving us a look at concept art he’s created, though the message is careful to note that this shouldn’t be interpreted as hints at the film itself.

“As a thank you to fans of this franchise, that bearded director, Jordan Vogt-Roberts, will be releasing concept art he created with a series of ‘next-gen artists,'” reads the message. “For the next 31 days, we will be releasing 31 pieces of art. We must stress that this is, quote, ‘fan art’, and is not meant to represent what is or not in the forthcoming film.”

Today’s art is a piece by Nick Foreman, showing an iconic Metal Gear mech over a dimly lit scene. Thirty more are set to follow, and Vogt-Roberts may drop a hint or two about the film given his promise of surprises.

As of last year, the director was reworking the script to make it more reminiscent of the work of Hideo Kojima. To that end, he even met with Kojima himself.

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