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Coalition sets up election as border security fight – politics live

While the rhetoric is gearing up over border security, there is also the banking royal commission kicking along.

The government may be forced into recalling parliament to deal with it – if Labor can get all of the crossbench on board. That makes Bob Katter, who usually abstains, or sides with the government on these matters, crucial.

He says he is open to looking at recalling parliament, which would bring everyone back here in March, ahead of the only other scheduled sitting in April, when the budget will be handed down (after which, the election will be called).

But Katter had some interesting things to say to Sabra Lane on AM this morning.

“I am having discussions, with George Christensen, and we are formulating some proposals that we want in banking,” he said.

“I personally, am very, very reluctant to let this parliament rise, without some action – quite frankly, that inquiry [the banking royal commission] was a complete waste of time, except to scare the hell out of the banks. If you read, what we wanted to have looked at, none of it was looked at, none of the recommendations are worth two bob in my opinion.

“I mean Apra and Asic are still in place. The policemen, who didn’t police anything, they were lapdogs, not attack dogs or watch dogs [are still in place].

“…We are discussing new laws now…we are discussing new laws at this very moment and I can see no reason why the government can’t and shouldn’t look at some things, some simple, but vitally important things at the very heart of the banking problems.”

Katter says he is “not comfortable” with the idea of the parliament rising without dealing with it.

“One of the things that will most influence my decision is to whether the government as a matter of good faith, passes some simple, unequivocal action that needs to be taken.”

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