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AbleGamers donates $10k worth of accessible game gear to NOLA kids hospital

The charitable folks at AbleGamers today made a show of giving ~$10,000 worth of training and accessible video game equipment to the New Orleans Children’s Hospital, and Microsoft’s new Xbox Adaptive controller seems to have been among the gifts.

If so it’s a nice show of support on Microsoft’s part, since the new $100 accessibility-minded Xbox controller isn’t technically scheduled to start shipping until September. The company also contributed a parcel of games alongside contributions from the folks at Humble Bundle and HyperX. 

Microsoft is also working with the charity to get CHNOLA patients and local AbleGamers members free behind-the-scenes access to the Halo Championship Series and Gears Pro Circuit esports events it’s hosting at the New Orleans Convention Center this weekend. 

This is also a great reminder that part of AbleGamers’ long-running charitable business is bringing free packs of accessible video game equipment to treatment facilities for patients with disabilities or other special needs. These “Expansion Pack” donations have been happening since 2016, and now all together account for over $100,000 worth of gear and training.

Devs curious about supporting the charity can find more info about how to do so over on the AbleGamers website.

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