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A better way to handle to toxic co-workers

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By Amy Morin, CNBC Contributor

No matter where you go in life, you’re bound to come across toxic people — especially in the workplace.

It might be the teammate who often takes credit for your work or the office neighbor who loves to gossip. These are the people who make it hard for you to give up the bad habits (which I identify in my book, “13 Things Mentally Strong Women Don’t Do”) that rob you of your mental strength. And if you’re not careful, they could ruin your entire outlook on your job.

Here are some powerful tactics mentally strong people use to deal with difficult co-workers:

1. They focus on controlling themselves, not the people around them

It can be tempting to invest a lot of energy into hoping that your team leader would suddenly become more supportive or that your co-worker would stop rambling in meetings, but you can’t control what other people do. And wishful thinking will only drain you of time and energy.

So while you can’t control other people, you can control how you respond to them. Whether you decide that your best approach is to speak up or that you’re better off staying silent, put your energy into taking positive action.

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